10 Things You Can Do To Reduce Mosquitoes


There is nothing worse than having mosquitoes buzzing around your head to ruin a relaxing eaving outside in the backyard. Using candles or torches work reasonably well as long as you stay in the little area. Becasue mosquitoes are grouped in the catagory of "free flying insect" meaning that this type of insect does not have a nest that they go to everyday and they will fly up to 2 miles from where they were hatched. How do control something that can fly anywhere it wants and doesn't live in a nest? So as you can imagian etting rid of mosquitoes is not an easy task. 

Although there isn't much you can do to stop them from flying to your property, there are things you can do to make it less desirable. All living things require 3 basic things to survive - Food, Shelter and Water. By removing one of these, you can deter the insect.

Removing standing water for you property can greatly reduce the occurence of mosquitoes. When most people think of standing water, they think of a stagnet body of water like a pond. Standing water is any body of water reguardless of it's size that doesn't constantly move. It can even be just a 1/4 inch of water on a saucer under a flower pot or a few drops in the cap of a water bottle.

Here are a few things you should inspect on a weekly basis and remove any standing water within them.

  1. Roof gutters and rain barrels
  2. Boats
  3. Cans, bottles, and plastic bags
  4. Flower pots, vases and bird baths
  5. Unused swimming and wading pools
  6. Wheelbarrows and mortar tubs
  7. Ornamental pools and fountains
  8. Cellars, crawl spaces and window wells
  9. Old tires tire ruts or gullies in the driveway or yard
  10. Anywhere that collect's water or creates puddles when it rains

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