8 Things you can do to keep ticks out of the yard!


The management of ticks in outdoor areas can be extremely difficult. While several pesticides are labeled for outdoor tick control, they are usually not very effective, especially ticks in brushy and heavily wooded areas. Habitat modification can offer a more permanent solution to tick management.

Ticks require areas of high humidity in order to survive, they are most commonly found in shaded grassy, brushy, or wooded areas. Below are thing that you can do to reduce ticks on your property.

  1. Keep grass well-mowed
  1. Remove brush regularly
  2. Prune trees to allow for more sunlight to penetrate to the soil surface and will discourage ticks from becoming established in these areas. 
  3. Reducing ground cover will prevent mice from becoming established close to your home, Mice are the principal reservoir host of the spirochete for Lyme Disease. Use of a thin layer of mulch, one to two inches in depth, or bare soil around shrubbery also helps to reduce habitat.
  4. Create a Tick-Safe Zone. Following these steps can greatly reduce the tick population in and around your property.
  5. Coordinate efforts of provinding a treatment to your pets by a veterinary professional along with a treatment provided by a pest control professional who is well versed in tick management treatments.
  6. Special efforts should be given in treating areas frequented by pets and children. Outdoor areas should be treated minimally once a month. Depending on your environment, re-applications may be necessary.
  7. Perform a tick drag to determine the extent of an infestation. Ticks will attach themselves to the drag cloth and then can be killed by placing the cloth in sudsy soapy water. The number of ticks on drags then compared at different times can give you a rough idea of how well the treatment strategy is working. 


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