8 Ways Landscaping Can Reduce Mosquitoes


1.     Eliminate Wet Spots - While most us know that mosquito can lay eggs in the stagnant water inside an old tire, but what you may not know is that they can also lay eggs where they’ve always laid eggs – in natural areas that accumulate water. Look for depressions in the soil that water accumulates including mud puddles, tire tracks and poorly drained low areas. Eliminate them by adding a layer of stone, cover that with topsoil and then reseed if needed. 

2.     Remove Tall Hedges or Wind Protectors – Mosquito are not strong fliers. The ideal day for a mosquito is a calm, humid day when the air is heavy and they are able to fly exactly where they want to. Wind is not their friend.  Many landscaped yards have features designed to block the wind, including shrubs, trees with heavy foliage, fences and walls. Removing these features will allow the wind to blow across your property without obstruction. Resulting in less mosquitoes.

3.     Remove Shade - Trimming back overgown shrubs and trees will allow for more sunlight and forcing mosquitoes out.

4.     Add Mosquito Repellent Plants –These plants – include alliums, mums, marigolds, mint, basil and floss. They can be placed around your patio, porch or gazebo. Some of the aromas from these plants will confuse the mosquito while others will repel.

5.     Promote Mosquito Eating Mammals – By installing a bat house or a Purple Martin bird house you will entice these manuals into your yard. Bats have a voracious appetite, eating between 600 to 1000 insectsan hour. 

6.     Mulch with Cedar - The aroma of cedar has long been used to repel insects including ants, moths and mosquitoes. The smell of cedar comes from the oil trapped in the wood. The scent will diminish over time, indicating that the oil is drying up. At that point, the mulch will no longer function as an insect repellent. Apply this mulch around your outdoor gathering spots and in flower beds to stop mosquitoes from sheltering among them.

7.     Add Fountains To Water Features - Mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant or poorly circulating water. If you have a pond or other water feature on your property, adding a fountain will keep the water moving, preventing the mosquito from laying her eggs in that body of water.

8.     Mow The Lawn and Remove Tall Weeds - During the heat of the day, mosquitoes will retreat into foliage to avoid dehydrating. That means the weeds on the outskirts of your property could be a haven for mosquitoes. Tall weeds aren’t your only problem though – even an un-mowed lawn can provide safety for a mosquito. After all, most mosquitoes are about 1/4 of an inch long so two inches of grass offers plenty of protection.

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