Proactive Measures for the COVID-19

The widely publicized coronavirus—COVID-19–has become a national issue and Omega Pest management is taking preventive steps to protect the safety and welfare of both our customers and our employees.

Flu viruses themselves cause great illness and death but until we know more about COVID-19 it could possibly be particularly virulent, so ample precautions are prudent.

Obviously, fear and panic do nothing to help the coronavirus situation. Yet, many are worried, and perhaps for good reason. As critical of an issue it is, it is important that precautions are followed early on.

There are procedures that can minimize the spread of coronavirus as well as other cold and flu viruses which we at Omega Pest Management intend to implement for the safety and security of our customers and our employees both.

Omega Pest Management’s Initial Coronavirus Protection Protocol

  1. All Omega employees are instructed to report to their supervisor if/when sick. Employees that have potential coronavirus symptoms will be instructed to have no public contact and/or remain home.
  2. Use of sanitizing wipes—mostly for hands, also for cell phones, etc. To be used in the office (as well as disinfectant spray & wipe off surfaces) and to be used by service technicians for their hands, cell phones & tablets, steering wheel and other equipment.
  3. Use of disposable gloves by service technicians. Gloves can be worn for contact with door rails and other surfaces. If and when bare hands make contact with surfaces, a) do not touch face, and b) use sanitizing wipes to clean hands ASAP.
  4. We may be asking clients of indoor services whether anyone in their household (or recent visitor) was/is sick. When meeting clients we may avoid handshakes, which is otherwise normally good social protocol. If necessary, we will escalate protocol to execute paperwork and payments remotely.

Importantly, Omega Pest Management continues to monitor developments regarding this virus. We are monitoring good business practices issued by the CDC.

One final word about COVID-19 and animals, including pet animals. There has been an  instance of the coronavirus being found in the nose/nostrils of a dog. The dog was not infected, however, since the virus can remain alive on non-living surfaces—such as door knobs—the virus can apparently remain active on the surface of dogs and other pets. There are no current reports that pests, such as rodents or insects, are carrying the virus.

As always, Omega Pest Management values our customers and our employees and intends to take our stewardship seriously. It is, of course, our hope that with reasonable precautions – both in our office workplace and with our service technicians – that the impact of COVID-19 will be minimal, and we will shortly be able to resume our normal activities and enjoy the warm weather.