Residential Pest Control

Are Insects or Rodents Bugging You?

Are Insects or Rodents Bugging You?

Get expert pest control services for your home in Pittsgrove, NJ

It's never fun to find pests or wildlife intruders in your house, no matter which room they're in. Whether you've found roaches in the kitchen or mice in the basement, you need pest control services. You can count on Omega Pest Management in Pittsgrove, NJ.

Our technicians can assess your property and provide residential pest control services when you're dealing with:

  • Indoor insects, including ants, bed bugs and roaches
  • Outdoor insects, including mosquitos, termites and ticks
  • Rodents, including mice, rats and groundhogs

We can also provide deer control services if a herd has made itself at home on your property. You can rest assured that our pest control methods are safe for your family, pets and home. To find out more about our deer and pest control services, call 856-692-5150 now.

Are spotted lanternflies invading your property?

Spotted lanternflies are relatively new to our area, but they're already persistent pests. They've been destroying trees and other plants in the U.S. since 2014. Don't let them damage your landscape. Arrange for our residential pest control services as soon as you see a spotted lanternfly.