Spotted Lanternfly - 7 Quick Facts


The Spotted Lantern Fly is here and is quickly increasing in territory. To properly control the insect, it is important to understand the SLF and select a knowledgeable company like Omega Pest Management to perform the required treatments. Here are some quick facts about the SLF.

  • The SLF, is a destructive invasive pest, meaning that it is capable of prolifically spreading throughout the area and causes economic damage to many crops like grapes, apples, hops, and hardwood industries.
  • The SLF, a native to China, India and Vietnam, is thought to have arrived as egg masses on a stone shipment in 2012. The first infestation was found in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 2014 in a wooded area of Ailanthus altissima, or Tree of Heaven. Despite a quarantine of the townships involved, and efforts to eradicate the SLFhas proved difficult to contain and now includes infestations in several eastern states.
  • Although its desired host is the tree of heaven, Ailanthus altissima, it can feed on more than 70 different plant species including cultivated and wild grape, fruit trees, hardwood trees and landscape plantings.
  • As with all plant hoppers, SLF has sucking mouthparts that it inserts into plant tissues to remove the fluids it needs to survive.
  • SLF does not bite or sting.
  • SLF does not kill all trees it feeds on. The SLF is a plant stressor, along with other stressors, can cause significant damage to the host plant. 
  • For the best control, it is extremely important to follow the treatment matrix.

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